Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a long time running a business – in our seminars you still get a lot of new information.

Innovations in business management, consultations with narrow specialists, support of international cooperation, this and much more is waiting for you at our seminars.


Networking 30.01.2018

Communication is power! Network is a key for the successful promotion of your business in the market.

Creating strong networkings and using them effectively is a skill that can be developed and successfully applied in your work.

Large business conference for women entrepreneurs. 25.03.2018

In today’s world for women there is no impossible things! Therefore, to open their own business, to remain a loving mother, a wonderful wife and to keep up with everything everywhere – for a real business lady there is no problem!

Business conference on effective time management - "Time to decide!"16.05.2018.

Sometimes, time is the most valuable resource for an entrepreneur.  On our conference  you will learn how not to squander it on inefficient actions and how to make the right decisions.