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The Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Ariel (FCE) was established with a mission to provide top-tier business education and mentorship to present and future entrepreneurs and Ariel University students through joint programs with the Ariel Venture Academy (AVA). FCE is a model of entrepreneurship education and acceleration built created through the collaboration of an academy, the municipality, and the private sector.

FCE is a regional hub for developing and guiding entrepreneurial skills, business excellence promotion, and international networking.

Through our international cooperation with leading American, Canadian, and various other universities and business schools abroad, FCE offers participants intensive summer courses, exchange programs, and business development opportunities.

The international FCE Mentors Club (FMC) consists of leading professionals from the academy and industry that help our participants throughout the growth of their start-ups from idea through eventual business together with the AU faculty and advisors, alumni, and volunteers.

Innovators will find the following programs in all fields of entrepreneurship:

  • Technological Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in Life Science
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • Family Entrepreneurship
  • Business Education for Non-profit Organizations

Dr. Eleonora Shkolnik

Executive Director

Mrs. Maria Mitskoun

FCE Project Manager

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship

Let's grow together from idea to business!

HaSfina, HaNahshonim 31, Ariel



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